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Gaining Weight: Why And How

Like losing of weight, it is also hard to figure out how to gain weight in a safe and healthy way! While in this era everyone wants to look slim, fit and healthy. if you are getting hurdles in gaining weight, talk to your dietitian or doctor to see if there is an underlying problem or not. A skinny body might compel women to gain weight using different products, which may have harmful side effects. Give attention when you eat and what you eat after that you can increase the calories you eat every day. Do workout to build muscles and always take snacks before and after the exercise.

There are several problem faced by underweight people like risk of infections, lead to osteoporosis, fractures, fertility problems, more likely to get sarcopenia (age related muscle wasting) and greater risk of dementia.

Here, in this blog we are going to tell you simple and effective ways to gain weight very easily.

Eating lots of healthy foods to gain weight

For some people, gaining weight or adding muscle can be just as difficult as losing of weight. Eating more calories and burn less calories, it’s a natural way to gaining weight very easily.

Homemade Protein: Taking of homemade protein is highly nutritious and healthy way of gaining weight. In the market, commercial versions are full of artificial sugar and lack of nutrients. Given below are some tasty variations you can try: –

best homemade protein ever

  • Vanilla blueberry shake: Take 1 cup of fresh or frozen blueberries, 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein, 1 cup of vanilla yogurt.
  • Caramel apple shake: Mix 2 to 3 sliced of apple, 1 scoop of caramel flavored whey protein and 1 tablespoon of sugar free sauce, 1 cup of vanilla yogurt.
  • Vanilla berry shake: Mix 1 cup of high protein natural yogurt, 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein, ice and 1 cup of fresh or frozen mixed berries.
  • Chocolate banana nut shake: Mix 1 banana, 1 scoop chocolate whey protein and 1 tablespoon peanut or nut butter

Red Meats: As we all know that red meats are one of the best muscle building foods available. Red meat is an excellent source of protein that will definitely helps to gaining weight. It contains leucine, an amino acid that helps you to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Fattier the meat, more calories you will take in.

one of the best example to gaining weight

Take more calories in your diet: As we all know that every foods have some calories, but here we have to eat those food that contain higher value of calories in it. You need to add 250 calories more in your daily diet. Eat foods that are rich in calories like pulses, cereals, meat, bread, rice, dry fruits and nuts.

heavy calorie diet


Potatoes and starches: Potatoes and other starchy foods like Quinoa, Oats, Corn, Buckwheat, Potatoes and sweet Potatoes, Squash, winter root vegetables, Beans and legumes are very easy and cost effective way to add in extra calories. Healthy starches are a great way to get important nutrients and fiber, boost your calorie intake and increase your muscle glycogen stores to gaining weight.

best example of starch diet

Dried Fruits: Dried fruit is high calorie snack that provides antioxidants and micronutrients. Dried fruit is packed with calories, healthy fiber and antioxidants. It’s an easy way to add nutrients and calories to your diet to gaining weight.


best combination of dried fruits


Salmon and oily fish: Salmon and oily fish are a great source of incredibly healthy omega 3 fatty acids. They also provide a high quality source of protein to help you build muscle.

best fish oil medicine


Exercise for gaining weight

Here are list of some exercises that helps you to build muscle. Make sure that do these exercises under the direction of a professional trainer. List are given below

  • Side crunches
  • Vertical leg crunches
  • Twisting crunches
  • Arm curls
  • Leg curls
  • Seated dumbbell press
  • Incline dumbbell press
  • Dumbbell lunges
  • Pullups
  • Ab roller
  • Side lateral raise
  • Leg press
  • Shoulder shrug
  • Weighted crunches

This is definitely the right mix to gaining weight. Heavy weight lifting develops your lean muscles as opposed to fat deposits not only makes you stronger but also add mass.

Other factors to gaining weight

Take proper sleep: – It’s mandatory for all to take proper sleep to release the stress and anxiety. Proper sleep of 7 to 8 hour in a day is a necessary condition to losing or gaining the weight.

Increase no. of meals: – You have to increase number of meals every day. Intake a calorie and fiber rich diet.

Keep yourself hydrated: – It is necessary to keep yourself hydrated and do not drink any fluids before your meal as it suppresses your appetite.

On an empty stomach, avoid eating fruits: Avoid eating fruits on an empty stomach as it leads to loss of body weight and do not consume processed foods.

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